LBVImmo agents can help you with many questions directly, including specific details about individual properties. A list of agents can be found here.

The following FAQs should help with questions about site use, but if you need additional help please contact us with your question.

What does 'FAI' mean next to the property price?

FAI stands for 'Frais Agence Inclus'. This means the price includes the fees for the LBV Immo Agency. Agent fees are chargeable on properties depending on their price. A full list of our fees (as of 1/5/2014) inclusive of TVA is shown in the following table.

Net Vendor price Fee or %
€ 0 - € 39,999 4,500 €
€ 40,000 - € 74,999 9.50%
€ 75,000 - € 109,999 9.00%
€ 110,000 - € 149,999 8.50%
€ 150,000 - € 199,999 8.00%
€ 200,000 - € 249,999 7.50%
€ 250,000 - € 299,999 7.00%
€ 300,000 - € 399,999 6.50%
Over € 400 000 6.00%

Can I search for a property by its Reference Number?

Yes. All properties on this site have a reference number shown a few lines below the photos on each listing. If you have that reference number it's very easy to locate a property. Look for the search boxes marked 'Prop Ref:' on our Welcome and Advanced Search pages.

How do I arrange a viewing?

You will need to contact the selling agent directly. All LBVImmo agents are easy to contact, either directly on a listing or via the main agent list.

On a listing: Use the 'Request More Details' tab on the top of any listing. If you contact an agent directly, don't forget to quote the property reference number.

How do I see where a property is located on a map?

You can see this on any full property listing. At the top of any listing are four 'tabs'. Make sure you've selected the one entitled 'Property'. A little below those tabs you will find two more tabs ... 'Photos' and 'Google Map'. Select the one marked 'Google Map' and you will see the property pinpointed. You can use the map 'zoom' buttons to enlarge it.

What's the difference between 'Advanced Search' and 'Area Search'?

Advanced Search focuses on finding properties according to various search criteria (region, price, type, etc.) and then showing you the results in a list you can pick from. To view a full property listing, click the property title on the top of any search result.

Area Search focuses on finding properties according to various search criteria and then showing them to you on a map so that you can get an idea of their geographical location.

On Area Search, clicking any of the results on the left of the map will show which pin it relates to on the map. Conversely, clicking any map pin will produce a label showing the title of the property. Clicking that title will find the matching search result on the left. To view a full property listing click 'View listing details' on the bottom of any search result.

Can I find an agent for my region?

Yes. You can search for agents by name or area. You'll find a list on the agent page

I'm interested in earning a living in France. Can I join LBVImmo as an agent?

We'll be happy to discuss this with you. We have a number of vacancies for Independent sales agents, depending on area. Please contact us to set up a chat.

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